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Maniaxtreme Kft. (owner of saves and processes customer's personal data as it is necessary to process the order. Customer's personal data will be available to third parties (e. g. bank, post, delivery service) only for execution of the order. Furthermore all data are kept confidentially and will not be given to any third parties. As customer wishes, data will be deleted after completion of the order.
According to the data protecting law of Hungary (1992. LXIII.) and the directmarketing law of Hungary (1995. CXIX.) , buyer of any webshop accepts the seller will save datas (name, address, tel. Nr., fax. Nr. , email address) , and use them for necessary processes ( sending goods by shipping companies, etc). Supplying of datas are unsolicited!



Maniaxtreme Kft. publishes high-quality pictures of its products on its Web Sites. The pictures are copyrighted. For bought items we give the possibility to our customers to download our pictures. The pictures can be used until the bought quantity is sold by the customer.